For each month this semester, Health Promotion and Wellness is going to take a look at one of the eight dimensions of wellness and highlight some of the ways those dimensions can be explored and engaged with, whether you are on or off-campus. This month, we are going to focus on physical wellness.  

Physical wellness can be defined as “connecting with your physical self and avoiding harmful habits, while remaining focused on the balance of body-mind-spirit.” This involves respecting your body’s own uniqueness and diversity and engaging in practices that move you towards a higher level of health. 

Illinois State offers a surplus of events that fall under the physical wellness umbrella. We are going to highlight two things that you can do to work on your physical wellness. 

More than Muscles 

Student Counseling Services is offering More than Muscles for male-identified students looking to learn more about body positivity. The program was made to help students create and maintain a healthy body image. To learn more about the program or to sign up, go to Student Counseling Services’ website.

Nutrition consultations 

Health Promotion and Wellness offers free nutrition consultations for faculty, staff, and students. These are one-on-one consultations with Health Promotion and Wellness’ nutrition graduate assistant. Go to the Wellness website for more information or to start your request. 

If you are looking for more events to work on your physical wellness, be sure to visit the Campus Recreation website. They offer events and classes to help you work on your physical wellness all year round. Additionally, if you are interested in tracking your engagement with the eight dimensions of wellness, you can sign up for Live Well. Live Well with Eight at State is a wellness incentive program that allows you to focus on your well-being through the eight dimensions of wellness: spiritual, financial, physical, emotional, vocational, intellectual, social, and environmental. Available for both students and faculty/staff, Live Well provides easy activity tracking tools, monthly challenges, and prizes for involvement.