Scholarships allow students to make the most of their time on campus. For Victor Fuentes, Grace Kinnicutt, and Kiara Price, private support has enabled them to engage in their studies, pursue their passions, and embrace every opportunity that comes their way.

Victor Fuentes, Technology and Engineering Education, Everett N. Israel Scholarship

“I’m studying robotics and energy. My courses have
been great so far, and I am excited to student teach
in manufacturing, robotics, and metals. I have been
working very diligently to secure a student teaching
position in my home district. My goal is to one day
work with the same teachers who inspired me to
teach and drove me to be the best person I can be.
Receiving my scholarship was a massive showing of
support for me in my studies and my life. I feel that
my donor believes in me and my goals of becoming
a teacher. The scholarship allowed me to focus on
my classes and my student teaching placement.”

Grace Kinnicutt, Journalism and Political Science, Carl Hulse Endowed Scholarship Fund

“I’m an introvert, but I love the connection I am able
to make with others through journalism and the
networking opportunities it brings. When I received
my scholarship, I was ecstatic. The announcement
came during a really low point in my life. I was struggling
mentally due to suddenly being switched to
online courses and cut off from physically seeing my
peers and professors. I felt like I was just getting by.
The announcement really put me in a great mood.
I wasn’t sure what my life would be like stepping
onto ISU’s campus four years ago. I was just a shy
19-year-old who didn’t know what she wanted to
do in journalism. I’ve always been a big believer that
hard work pays off, and it truly does.”

Kiara Price, Music Education, Professor Russell B. Bedford Scholarship in Music

“Receiving my scholarship made attending a four-year
university possible. I am the first in my family to
attend college. I started playing clarinet in 5th grade
and picked up bassoon my freshman year of high
school. One significant memory I have is coming
to my mother’s room and playing low tones I had
just learned. Being here is a big deal, and I know I
have a lot of people at home rooting for me. Upon
graduation, I plan to teach in an urban area school.
It is important for Black students to have a Black role
model in their life who they can look up to. I aspire
to be that person for my future students.”

Are you ready to make a difference in the life of a student like Victor, Grace, and Kiara?