Dr. Kathy Mountjoy, Professor, Illinois State University, was recently named the recipient of the “IACTE Teacher Educator of the Year Award” during the Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education annual conference. The conference was virtually February 18 – 19, 2021.

This award goes to a member employed as a full-time post-secondary teacher educator. This award recognizes teacher educators who have demonstrated innovation in teacher education, leadership in improving CTE, and commitment to preparing teachers to deliver high-quality CTE programs.

Kathy Mountjoy named the recipient of the IACTE Teacher Educator of the Year Award

Each year, this candidate requires students to join IBEA and attend the annual conference which provides an opportunity for professional development and networking opportunities.

She has conducted research in the field of business teacher education and presented research on a national level for several years. Additionally, some of this research has been published in peer-review journals.

One of her college students says it this way, she has “walked the walk” and brings real-world experiences to her students. The Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education is made up of eight affiliates representing all areas of career and technical education. The organization’s goals include provisions for quality career and technical education, in-service opportunities, and program improvement for Illinois’ career and technical educators, administrators, and guidance counselors.