Distinguished Professor Dr. Ali Riaz has been quoted in a report in Aljazeera English on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. Modi made a two-day trip to Bangladesh to join the Golden Jubilee celebration of the country’s independence. Left-leaning and Islamist parties protested the visit. Riaz commented on why his visit has engendered so many protests.

“There was widespread discontent among a large number of Bangladeshis about the unequal relationship between India and Bangladesh,” he said. “It is generally understood that India has enormous influence on the domestic politics of Bangladesh. BJP leaders’ derogatory statements about Bangladeshis and discriminatory policies of the Modi government have also compounded the situation.”

The government used heavy handed measures to quell the demonstrations and at least 10 people were killed in police firing and clashes with pro-government activists on March 26 and 27.