For 40 consecutive years, COM Week has been organized and executed by the School of Communication. This event has always occurred in person, until last year when COVID-19 showed up and crashed the party, cancelling the week-long event. This year, the annual event was held online, specifically on Zoom.

The main goal of every COM Week is to highlight the different avenues and opportunities of communication, which is done primarily through our alumni’s work. The presence and stories of our alumni give students examples about how they can capitalize on their COM degrees, network with other creative students and professionals, and help reconnect alumni with the School and Illinois State.

The theme this year is “Zoom Past Your Limitations,” which means that, even with limitations due to COVID-19, the School of Communication is still vibrant and offering students ways to prepare for their careers after graduation and network with some of Illinois State’s alumni. With COM Week being held virtually this year April 5 to 8, more keynote speakers and panelists can be involved in sessions because they don’t have to travel, as sessions will be attended from the comfort of speakers’ and attendees’ homes.

Planning and organizing an event this large is no easy task. The School of Communication’s Promotions and Development team consists of four talented School interns. Led by lead intern, Julie Kopfman, this passionate team of creatives has been working hard to put on this event. Alongside the fantastic four interns, School business manager, Denise Thomas, has worked hard to organize this and other amazing events for the School.  

“It’s so awesome to have the chance to connect with people from all different areas within the broad field of communication. It’s amazing to see how many different routes you can take,” Kopfman said. “The alumni who speak offer such great expertise, especially for students who may not know exactly what they want to do after graduation. Each keynote speaker and all panelists have tons of unique experiences to share, which will offer unsure students tons of guidance.”

Alumni from diverse backgrounds will supply their unique insights during each event. Keith Habersberger, Frank DiLeoonardi, and a panel of graduate students were among those who will be presenting. The Vidette featured a story about COM Week 2021. During COM Week 2021, like all previous COM Weeks, students were encouraged to participate and take full advantage of the numerous opportunities provided during the week.