About 25 faculty and staff of the Department and the College of Arts and Science (CAS), as well as emeritus faculty members, attended a virtual celebration event for Dr. Nancy Lind’s retirement on April 23.

The event started with a presentation featuring Lind’s personal and professional life after her 36-year career at Illinois State University. During the celebration, faculty and staff commented that Lind is a great teacher and an excellent citizen. She has always been willing to help and to serve. For her distinguished service, Lind won the College of Arts and Sciences Service Award in 1999 and the Outstanding University Service Award in 2000. She was also recognized with the College Outstanding Teacher Award in 1998 and the University Outstanding Teacher Award in 2001.

Dr. Diane Zosky, CAS dean, noted that Dr. Lind’s “teaching has left a long legacy” to our students and she “generously engaged the well-being of this university.” Dr. Ali Riaz, Illinois State University Distinguished Professor, thanked Lind for her help during his chairmanship. Dr. Jamal Nassar, former chair of the department, recounted the various accomplishments that Lind contributed when she was the associate chair of the department.

Certainly, Lind’s accomplishments were noted and highlighted, but many who contributed to the event spoke about Dr. Lind as a very giving person. She was always willing to give her time, whether to the department, college, university, or more importantly to others. Indeed, an overriding theme of the celebration was Lind’s giving relationships with others and their families. Nassar recalled Lind as family, remembering fondly the time they spent together. Many, including Drs. Tiffany Puckett and LJ Zigerell Jr. thanked Lind for her caring presence in the lives of their young children.

In her remarks, Lind recollected the wonderful professional life she had in the department and expressed her appreciation for the support and friendship she received.

Dr. T.Y. Wang, chair of the Department, congratulated Dr. Lind for her retirement and noted that an in-person retirement reception is tentatively scheduled in spring 2022.