The day you have been waiting for is quickly approaching! It’s time to make sure your Redbird Stage Crossing experience lives up to your expectations. Here are some quick tips to make your day the best it can be.

Be planful about your day

Although the Redbird Stage Crossing itself is brief, you may surround it with time outside greeting fellow graduates and guests, visiting important campus landmarks, and having small celebrations with your family and friends. Plan ahead so you don’t feel rushed and can soak in the celebration.

Plan when and where you want to take photos

You’ll want to make sure your big day is documented, even if you just want to show family and close friends. Popular spots for graduation photos on campus include the stairs leading up to the Bone Student Center, the statue of Reggie at Redbird Plaza, and in front of the spring flowers on the Quad.

Show your family around

Where did you spend the most time on campus? Were most of your classes in the same building? Give your family a tour of the campus buildings that felt like home during your time at Illinois State.

Wear comfortable shoes

The day of your Redbird Stage Crossing is not the best time to break in new shoes. Another tip: Don’t wear high heels if you are not used to walking in them. As much as you’d like to flaunt your new shoes, you want to be comfortable. And if you do decide to wear new shoes, make sure to grab some band-aids before leaving the house just in case!

Get your outfit ready

Remember: Caps and gowns are optional for your Redbird Stage Crossing. If you choose to wear yours, make sure you iron or steam out the wrinkles before the big day. Students who choose not to wear their caps and gowns can have fun choosing the best outfit to represent their college experience at Illinois State! A red dress or shirt could make you feel more connected to your fellow Redbirds.

Let your family lead the way

Your family may seem more excited than you are on the day of your Redbird Stage Crossing. It’s best to let them do their thing, even if that means taking a million photos in the heat. After all, they supported you and watched you grow throughout your time at Illinois State.

Hit up your favorite restaurant

It’s time to celebrate! Order some food from your favorite local restaurant to top off your Redbird Stage Crossing experience. Uptown Normal has some delicious options to explore.