An interdisciplinary cohort of Illinois State University faculty, staff, and graduate student representation are hosting an LGBTQAI+ Online Community Gathering at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 20. Those interested can register here

The online gathering will provide a gathering and community building opportunity for students invested in creating inclusive spaces in preschool-20 education contexts for LGBTQAI+ students, educators, families, and communities. Attendees will learn about how to get involved with Queer Ed Birds, issues and activism, and current ISU initiatives. There will also be a Community Storytelling session; participants will be invited to share stories on how gender identity, sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual orientation are experienced education contexts. 

The interdisciplinary cohort hosting the event includes Dr. Christie Angleton and Dr. Becky Beucher (School of Teaching and Learning), Tina McGuire (School of Communication), Genevieve Rappold (Department of Politics and Government), Caitlin Stewart (Milner Library), and Dr. Gavin Weiser (Department of Educational Administration and Foundations).

Queer Ed Birds is a campus registered student organization of undergraduate students aiming to assist future teachers in providing support for LGBTQAI+ students, educators, and advocates. Due to COVID-19 disruptions, Queer Ed Birds advisors are seeking new undergraduate members. The intersectional LGBTQAI+ undergraduate-run student group has historically been housed within the College of Education. 

Participants do not need to identify as LGBTQAI+ to attend. All campus advocates are welcome, including faculty, staff, and administration.

Those with questions can email Angleton at