The online University Research Symposium opens Friday, April 9, on ISU ReD. The Symposium is a university-wide showcase of research, scholarship, and creative activity.

It is open to students, faculty, staff, and the public to view.

A total of 175 students from 26 programs have entered projects or are working on group projects. Graduate and undergraduate students have submitted abstracts, posters, PowerPoint presentations, or MP4 recordings of their work.

As a part of the Symposium, the following will be hosting oral and panel presentations of students’ projects on Zoom:

The Symposium encourages cross-disciplinary association and focuses on communicating research and scholarly activities to the general public.

All are encouraged to join Zoom sessions and visit ISU ReD. A program book will be available on the opening day on the Graduate School website. It will include a complete listing of presenters, abstracts, and oral presentations.

The Graduate School sponsors this annual event.