Sarah Boesdorfer, CHE, and Rebekka Darner, CeMaST, have been named co-editors of the journal Innovations in Science Teacher Education.  

Liv Stone, ANT, received an International Wenner-Gren Foundation grant that will support her ongoing research.  

Steven Mertens and Kristina Falbe, TCH, co-presented “Illinois Horizon Schools: Ongoing research from the Illinois’ Schools to Watch Program” for the annual meetings of the American Educational Research Association. 

Shawn Hitchcock, CHE, presented “The asymmetric glycolate aldol addition reaction as a vehicle for the synthesis of protease inhibitors and a cytokine modulator” at the American Chemical Society Detroit Local Section Undergraduate Research Symposium 2021.

Marjorie JonesGregory FerrenceChristopher Hamaker, and Michael Webb, CHE, joined students Gideon Yawson, Samantha Huffman, Samuel Fisher, P.J. Bothwell, and David Platt to co-author “Ruthenium(III) Complexes With Imidazole Ligands That Modulate the Aggregation of the Amyloid-β Peptide Via Hydrophobic Interactions” for the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry

Fred H. Smith (ANT, emeritus) co-authored “A palaeoecological view of the last Neanderthals at the crossroads of south‐central Europe and the central Mediterranean: long‐term stability or pronounced environmental change with human responses” for the Journal of Quaternary Science 

Jason Whitesel, SOA/WGSS, published the chapter “Review of Scholarship on Fat Gay Men” in the International Handbook of Fat Studies

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