The Fall 2020 issue of Midwestern Miscellany featured Sally Perry, ENG, as guest editor and Robert McLaughlin, ENG, as associate guest editor of the special issue commemorating the 100th anniversary of  Sinclair Lewis’s Main Street. Perry also contributed “Stopping by Friendship Village on the Way to Gopher Prairie: Reading Sinclair Lewis’s Main Street through the Friendship Village Stories of Zona Gale” and McLaughlin contributed “The Struggle against Inertia: Form and Voice in Main Street.” Graduate student Cory Hudson, ENG, contributed “Reading Sinclair Lewis’s Romantic and Mimetic Impulses in Main Street through Formal Systems and Aristotle’s Potential and Actual Infinities.” 

Sarah Boesdorfer, CHE, and student M.B. Burt co-authored “The implementation of reform-based standards in high school chemistry classrooms influenced by science teaching orientations” for the Electronic Journal for Research in Science & Mathematics Education

Gregory Ferrence, CHE, co-authored “Synthesis and characterization of the complete series of chlorine substituted cobalt acetylacetonate complexes – [Co(acac)x(acac-Cl)3-x], x = 0-3” along with students Edith Amason, Meredith Jones, and Channita Keuk for Polyhedron 2021.  

Rachel Elizabeth Scott, Milner, co-authored “Exploring Open Access Practices, Attitudes, and Policies in Academic Libraries” in portal: Libraries and the Academy