Here at Illinois State, life can get hectic and sometimes you can miss out on what’s going on around you. Fear no more because here is a compilation of a few things that have been happening on campus. Check it out and stay tuned for more. 

Alumni Engagement challenges and triumphs in the midst of a pandemic  — Your time with Illinois State doesn’t end with your four years on campus. Stephanie Duquenne, director of Alumni Engagement, speaks on continued alumni support and engagement even during a pandemic.  

Awards for COM Redbirds announced as semester ends  — COM Redbirds continue to work hard and achieve amazing things. Check out the news about some amazing Redbirds.  

RSOs in the School of Communication combat COVID-19 challenges — In the School of Communication, there are seven registered student organizations (RSO). RSO leaders in COM stepped up to ensure their organization’s success. Read this story to learn how many of them dealt with the struggles of the pandemic.  

The pandemic can’t keep the Forensics Union quiet — The Forensics Union is home to Illinois State’s speech and debate teams. Many challenges have been faced when the pandemic hit, but the group has prevailed through dedication.  

TV-10 receives nine Silver Dome Awards — The Illinois Broadcasters Association recently awarded Student Silver Dome awards to TV-10 News, consisting of two first places, five second places, and two third places for entire shows and individual work. 

Two Communication scholars awarded Fulbright grants — Shanna Carlson, debate coach for Illinois State’s Forensics Union, and Amina Jinadu, a senior majoring in communication studies, were awarded Fulbright Grants. 

 Update on The Vidette’s rebirth  — In today’s technological society, news and media can be accessed in a split second through smartphones and laptops. As with other newspapers and print media outlets, The Vidette has felt the repercussions of the shift into a more technologically reliant society. 

WZND continues to impress with national awards  — Illinois State’s student-run campus radio station, WZND, has had much award success in the past and continues to thrive. Even during a pandemic, WZND has received national awards.