Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, hundreds of students passed through the Felmley Hall and Felmley Hall of Science Annex every week. This fostered the idea of the Felmley Flora Project (FFP) that aims to create a welcoming, refreshing, and clean environment through the addition of indoor plants. Started in 2020, the Student Environmental Health Association (SEHA) group finally made this happen in spring 2021.

The plants are located on the second, third, and fourth floor of Felmley Hall, nearby the stairs and elevators. These beautiful plants are changing the old Felmley Hall. Students and faculty passing through Felmley Hall can now reap the benefits of an improved interior view and indoor air quality provided by the various plants, most notably the Sansevierias, also commonly known as snake plants. What better addition to the building where courses such as Indoor Air Quality, Pollution Prevention, and Environmental Health in the 21st Century are held.

Plants by the stairs

SEHA obtained the funding from the Opportunity Grant, sponsored by the Dean of Students Office and from the Department of Health Sciences. The board members Gabriela Ornelas (president), Charline Dose (vice president), Madeline Mellen (social media chair), and Xavier Braboy (secretary) lead the project, with the help of fellow members and Environmental Health and Sustainability students Rowan Carroll, Ashley Lyons, and Trevar Moran. Weekly watering routines are set in place, and additionally, time is dedicated to tending to the needs of the plant. The care of the plants is divided and shared by the volunteers, consisting of SEHA members and Health Sciences main office staff.