Due to rising costs associated with streaming films on Kanopy, Illinois State University users will experience changes to access beginning May 8, 2021. Changes will take place in two phases, as described in detail below.

Phase 1: May 8 – June 30

Kanopy will be fully mediated as of May 8, meaning that ISU users will see a request form for any films in Kanopy for which the University does not already have an active license. In order to gain access to the film, users will need to complete a form (shown below). In the “Your Message” field, specify the use, including in which course/semester you will be using it, whether it is for an in-class screening or for individual viewing outside of class, and a need by date.

Once the form is received, Milner staff may email you to request additional information before licensing the film. Requests for summer course needs will be prioritized and additional requests will be considered as well. Please allow two to three business days for a film to be available after a request is submitted.

Please note that all currently licensed films will still be available for instantaneous viewing. The form will only present when clicking on unlicensed films.

A screenshot of the form that ISU Kanopy users will need to fill out in order to get access to some films. Form fields include user's name, email address, reltaionship to the university, and reason for requesting the video.
A screenshot of the form users may encounter if a film is not yet available.

Phase 2: Beginning July 1

Beginning July 1, Milner will utilize a new model in which many films will be immediately available as in past years, but a small collection of seldom-used films will generate the request form requiring additional information prior to activation. New requests to view these currently unlicensed films on Kanopy will continue to be mediated by librarians and require two to three business days for activation.


Please contact Chad Buckley at cebuckle@ilstu.edu or your subject librarian if you have any questions or need assistance.