LIVE WELL with Eight at State Incentive Program
LIVE WELL with Eight at State is a free incentive-based program designed to support healthy living for Illinois State University students, staff, and faculty. The Eight at State initiative emphasizes a holistic approach to well-being through the intentional focus on eight dimensions of wellness: Emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020-2021 LIVE WELL with Eight at State program! We hope that this program has been beneficial to your personal wellness journey. We encourage you to take the Wellness assessments to see your progress since beginning the program. What areas of wellness did you grow the most in? Were there areas that you especially struggled with? What areas would you like to give more attention to?

Based on your reflections, consider setting personal wellness goals for the summer. Perhaps you may choose to focus on a specific wellness dimension through the summer. Or, you might want to find a better balance between wellness dimensions. Whatever your goals may be, we encourage you to continue keeping track of your activities and progress on the LIVE WELL portal. The portal will remain open through the summer!

We will not be running monthly LIVE WELL challenges during the summer months. Instead, we encourage LIVE WELL participants to subscribe to the Monday Campaigns – a public health campaign that dedicates every Monday to health. The campaigns offer weekly practices encompassing various aspects of wellness, such as Meatless Monday, Destress Monday, Move It Monday, and more! Subscribe to the Monday Campaigns weekly newsletter and receive wellness practices and tips in your inbox every Monday!

Finally, we ask for three minutes of your time to share your feedback on the LIVE WELL program. Your opinions mean a lot to us as we work on improving the LIVE WELL program for the next year. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Wellness Coaching
Wellness coaching
offers guidance with meeting personal wellness goals and lifestyle changes. Based on positive psychology, wellness coaching uses a holistic approach to examine how personal wellness interacts with an individual’s values, goals, and inspirations. Open to ISU staff, faculty, and students interested in making positive changes to their personal wellness. Individual sessions are held for 30-60 minutes each and meet via Zoom. Contact Health Promotion and Wellness at if you are considering wellness coaching as a way to optimize your health and well-being.

Support for Nursing Mothers: Returning to Work or School
Held on Friday, May 21 at 1 p.m., join our certified lactation consultant Trish Wierenga, LCPC, as she offers guidance about breastfeeding during this pivotal time.

This session is held on Zoom and the link will be emailed once you sign up to attend the session. Register through the Health Promotion and Wellness Redbird Life site (Log into Redbird Life with your ULID and Password).

Ergonomic Review
Feeling a little stiff at your workspace? Discomfort is a sign you may need to shift postures while working. Appointments are provided one-on-one, in person, or virtually, and can be scheduled by submitting this form. Contact Nikki Brauer at with questions.

Nutrition Analysis
If healthy eating goals are on your mind, a free individual nutrition analysis will start you on a positive path. First step is to record everything you eat and drink for three days and submit to Health Promotion and Wellness. Once you’ve submitted the two-day recall, you will be contacted to schedule your appointment. Visit here for details.

The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness, located in Suite 187 McCormick Hall, serves as the campus resource for wellness and preventive health by leading health promotion action at Illinois State University. A vibrant and engaged workforce furthers a wellness-centered culture on campus. For more information, contact us by phone at 438-WELL (9355) or email