Seven faculty members of the Department of Politics and Government received recognition for their exemplary service to the department during the pandemic. Professors Dr. Michael Hendricks, Dr. Nancy Lind, Dr. Tom McClure, Dr. Kerri Milita, Dr. Ali Riaz, Dr. Noha Shawki, and Dr. Julie Webber have been selected to receive the Redbirds RISE to the COVID Challenge Award. Their award letters praise them, noting that “you have made a positive impact in your colleagues’ and students’ lives. During this time, you have exemplified the best of Illinois State and the Division of Academic Affairs.”

The RISE Award was established by the Office of the Provost to recognize the work of faculty, staff, and students “who have exemplified one or more of the RISE attributes: Resilience/Resourcefulness, Innovation, Service, and Empathy in the performance of their job functions and, in doing so, have positively impacted the Division of Academic Affairs.”