Most of the items uploaded to Illinois State University’s institutional repository are PDFs—articles, book chapters, manuscripts, etc.—but that isn’t the only form of scholarly output that can be submitted to ISU ReD. For those whose work is better showcased outside the boundaries of an article, ISU ReD has that covered, too. Theater or dance performances, art installations, graduate recitals, oral histories, and other time-based works that can be recorded can then be uploaded to ISU ReD for preservation and dissemination.

Finalists in Illinois State’s Three Minute Thesis competition have had their presentations recorded and made available for streaming in ISU ReD since the project’s inception in 2017. The Three Minute Thesis Competition asks master’s and doctoral students to distill the main points of their research into a three-minute presentation. These short, digestible summaries make graduate research more accessible to the general public and adding the recordings to ISU ReD extends the reach of these students’ work even further. One no longer needs to be in the audience to view this work.

Supplemental material related to a more traditional article can be added as streaming content as well. If a scholar’s work references audiovisual material in their article, and they are legally allowed to share it, they can attach it directly in ISU ReD. Users can interact with that material themselves while reading the scholar’s analysis, giving them a better understanding of the material. Objects that can’t be uploaded directly can be linked to item record for easy access, allowing for the same experience.

Catch up on previous years’ submissions to the Three Minute Thesis competition in the ISU ReD collection, and look out for videos from this year’s group of finalists coming soon. For more information about submitting any of your work to ISU ReD, contact Milner Library’s Scholarly Communication Team.

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