New Employees:                                             
Alex Alexander
, Building Service Worker, Janitorial
Zoe Birsa
, Food Court/Snack Bar Attendant, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
Mackenzie Chapman
, Human Resource Representative, Human Resources
Karina Garcia
, Building Service Worker, Janitorial
Erin Groves
, Accounting Associate, Comptroller’s Office
Jonathon Homan
, Grounds Gardener, Campus Services Div Grounds
Val Knight
, Building Service Worker, Janitorial
Elsie Nahale’a
, Grants and Contracts Assoc, Research & Sponsored Programs
Michelle Neuffer
, Marketing Associate, University College
Carlos Profit
, Building Service Worker, Janitorial
Payton Scott
, Building Service Worker, Janitorial
Michelle Tabor
, Office Support Specialist, Dean of Students Office
Katie Yacko
, Clinic Nurse, Health Services
Steph Zimmerman
, IT Tech Assoc, Comptroller’s Office

Amanda Balonis, Office Administrator, Registrar
Amanda Brown, Human Resource Officer, Human Resources
Amy Chester, Business Manager II, Office of Energy Management
Angie Ciulla, Office Administrator, Family and Consumer Sciences
Trish Gudeman, Office Manager, Sociology and Anthropology
Georgia Martin, Business Administrative Assoc, Facilities Planning
Corey Oltman, Grants and Contracts Assoc, Research & Sponsored Programs
Ryan Peters, Facility Operations Specialist, Milner Library
Pete Steadman, Library Operations Associate, Milner Library
Loretta Vance, Administrative Aide, Facilities Planning

Danielle Alexander, Program Assistant, University College
Misty Bell, Administrative Aide, Technology
Gabrielle Brown, Building Service Worker, Janitorial
Kristina McDowell, Program Coordinator, Clinical Exp in Teacher Educ
Carly Pohlman, Human Resource Representative, Human Resources
Simmy Sebastian, IT Tech Assoc, Enterprise Data and Analytics

Kerwin Henderson
, Building Service Worker, Janitorial