Whether you are a current student, recent graduate, or a seasoned professional, navigating your career journey can be difficult, particularly after the pandemic.

To assist Redbirds with their career success, Career Services is hosting the Summer Career Series. The open-discussion format allows students and alumni to ask career questions, share their concerns, and get professional career advice with a career advisor.

Summer Career Series sessions

Sessions are held live via Zoom each week through the end of July. Participants may attend any one or all of the series sessions.

“Career Services continues to adapt to the current environment and identifies ways to connect with students and alumni,” states Career Advisor Mark Fauble. “For example, as our economy starts to open back up, there are a lot of job and internship opportunities becoming available each week. In addition, (there are) alumni who reflected on their jobs over the pandemic and are now ready to change jobs or career paths. Plus, the job market is also going to experience a lot of retirements coming soon, which will create additional job opportunities.”