Joan Brehm, SOC, published “Co-Management in Crisis? Reflections from Beach Management Units (BMUs) of Kigoma Fishing Communities, Tanzania” in the International Journal of Contemporary Sociology

Dawn BeichnerMiltonette Craig, and Charles Bell, CJS, published the book chapter “Racialized mass incarceration in the U.S.A. as a form of macro victimization” in  Macrovictimización, abuso de poder y victimología: Impactos intergeneracionales (Aranzadi). 

Jaby Mohammed, TEC, co-authored “Optimization of abrasive machining of carbon-fiber reinforced polymers” for the International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation.   

Michael Rossler, CJS, co-authored “Conservation Officer Perceptions of Search Authority” for Police Practice & Research. 

Chang Su-Russell, FCS, co-authored “Chinese International Scholars’ Work–Life Balance in the United States: Stress and Strategies” for Journal of International Students. 

Susan Sprecher and Marion Willetts, SOC, were co-authors of the article “Perhaps It Was Too Soon: College Students’ Reflections on the Timing of Their Sexual Debut” for The Journal of Sex. Sprecher also authored “Attachment orientation and reasons for and reactions to ‘virginity’ in college” and “The role of expectation for liking and other positive affiliative outcomes in the get-acquainted process occurs over computer-mediated video communication” for Current Psychology. “Closeness and other affiliative outcomes generated from the Fast Friends procedure: A comparison with a small-talk task and unstructured self-disclosure and the moderating role of mode of communication” for the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. 

T.Y. Wang, POL, co-authored “COVID-19 and the Anatomy of the Rally Effect in Taiwan” for Asian Survey

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