Christopher Mulligan, CHE, co-authored with graduate student Trevor McDaniel the article “Rapid, in situ detection of chemical warfare agent simulants and hydrolysis products in bulk soils by low-cost 3D-printed cone spray ionization mass spectrometry” for Analyst. McDaniel also presented at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Emerging Talent: Government webinar.   

Erin Mikulec, COE, is the co-editor of the new book, Education Abroad: Learning in a Global Context in the Contemporary Perspectives on Learning Environments series (Information Age Publishing). 

Maria Luisa Zamudio-Mainou and Jennifer O’Malley, National Center for Urban Education, were two of the co-authors of the chapter “Whose Voice Matters?: Intentionality and Shared Vision” in the new book The Power of Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation: Voices and Visions of Hope and Healing. 

Kyle O’ Daniel, TCH, authored “Poem-A-Day: Remedying Students’ Aversion to Verse” for English Journal, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English. 

Steve Mertens and Kristina Falbe, TCH, published “Illinois Horizon Schools: Initial research findings from the Illinois Schools to Watch Program” in the Research in Middle Level Education Online journal. 

Hannah Kroonblawd, ENG doctoral candidate, published the short story “Occasional Anxieties: Rural Household” in Third Coast. She also published the poem “April to June, Clement Weather” in The Journal

T.Y. Wang, POL, published “Strategic Ambiguity or Strategic Clarity? U.S. Policy towards the Taiwan Issue” in Taiwan Insight

Doctoral candidates Katy Lewis and Edcel Cintron-Gonzalez, and graduate students Bryanna Tidmarsh and Laurel Krapivkin, ENG, presented “Storytelling That Affirms: How Pedagogical and Aesthetic Entanglements Legitimize Identities” for the Aesthetic and Pedagogic Entanglements: 25th Biennial Congress of the International Research Society for Children’s Literature (IRSCL) at Santiago, Chile.