It might have been difficult to locate Dr. Jeanne Morris and Dr. Charles Morris after they retired in 1995. They traveled six continents, all but Antarctica. So why not the South Pole? “That was not on our bucket list,” Jeanne said with a laugh.

Charles started as associate professor of mathematics at ISU in 1966. He held the position of vice president of Administrative Services before accepting the position of vice chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs with the Illinois Board of Regents. Jeanne, his wife of 63 years, was a curriculum and instruction professor at retirement. She had major responsibility for developing the University’s bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

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The two met in the 1950s as college students working at a New Hampshire resort. They attended different historically Black colleges but stayed in touch, marrying in 1957.

One of Jeanne’s fondest ISU memories is teaching preschoolers in a program for low-income students. “I was the teacher of a 4-year-old Head Start class at Metcalf, which was instrumental in bringing more diversity there,” she said. “I’m very proud of that.” Another favorite memory is accompanying the first early childhood majors to Britain for a semester abroad.

Highlights for Charles were his election as chair of the Academic Senate when it was established in 1970 and having oversight of the Ewing Museum of Nations, which included a significant African art collection.

The couple has created an Educational Equity Endowment Fund that supports programs that focus on enhancing the status and success of underrepresented populations, as well as opportunities for students, faculty, and staff in that cohort.

Jeanne and Charles live at Westminster Village in Bloomington and enjoy a variety of activities there with many they have known at ISU and in the community. Their children, David and Lyn, live in Bloomington. The couple speak fondly of grandchildren, David, Kyle, Alex, and Shaia, and great-grandchild Cameron Jeanne. Travel now focuses on family visits.

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