Late night ReggieNet users can look forward to a little relief from tired eyes, thanks to the next major update, coming Thursday, July 22. Dark mode is among the enhancements and behind-the-scene fixes designed to make ReggieNet ready for the coming academic year.

Staff from the Office of Technology Solutions and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology started testing the updates in the spring, working towards the July 22 rollout. Because of its complexity, students and instructors should expect ReggieNet to remain offline for the entire day. This will allow staff to double-check the system. Normal service will resume on Friday, July 23.

Fixes and features in this update include:

  • Dark Mode: Users can turn on an alternative color scheme with light text on a dark background. This can help limit eyestrain and power consumption on mobile devices, especially when working in low-light environments.
  • The Forums tool is now called Discussions.
  • Gradebook: Instructors will be able to export averages for individual categories. There are also enhanced ways to messaging students through the Gradebook interface.
  • Lessons: Instructors will see improvements how they add, edit, or reorder content in the Lessons tool. Changes will also give instructors more formatting options for things like headings, buttons, and borders on their pages. There are also new layout template options.
  • Rubrics:  Instructors can now use weighted criteria. In addition, a long-standing issue preventing Rubrics from immediately attaching to Assignments and other tools has been fixed.

Once the upgrade is complete and service resumes, users may need to clear their web browser cache in order to take advantages of ReggieNet’s new features.