Margaret DeMaegd and Wolfgang Stein, BIO, published “Neuropeptide modulation increases dendritic electrical spread to restore neuronal activity disrupted by temperature” in the Journal of Neuroscience. 

Susan Hildebrandt, SED, published the chapter “Increasing Inclusion and Lowering Student Anxiety in the Postsecondary Foreign Language Classroom” in the book Equity and Inclusion for Higher Education: Strategies for Teaching. She also published “Universal Design for Instruction: Inclusive teaching practices for the world language classroom” for the journal The Language Educator.  

Amy Robillard, ENG, published “From Isolated Stories to a Collective: Speaking Out About Misogyny in English Departments” in Peitho: Journal of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition.   

Fred Smith, ANT emeritus, co-authored “New U-Th dates from Vindija, Velika pećina (Kličevica) and Mujina pećina and their implications for chronology of the Middle Paleolithic in Croatia” for Collegium Anthropologicum. Smith also co-authored the chapter “Late Pleistocene human fossils from East-Central and Southeastern Europe” in The Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers of South-Eastern Europe: Recent Research.   

Anna Smith and Carolyn Hunt, TCH, published “Authoritative discourses of development in curricular policy on digital writing” in Theory Into Practice.  

Erika Sparby, ENG, published “Reading mean comments to subvert gendered hate on YouTube: Toward a spectrum of digital aggression response” in enculturation

Lisa Szczepura, CHE, co-authored “Structural Investigation of Silver Vanadium Phosphorus Oxide (Ag2VO2PO4) and Its Reduction Products” for Chemistry of Materials

Benjamin Wellenreiter, TCH, published “Where the action is: Exploring adolescents’ perspectives of middle school social venues” for Middle School Journal.   

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