Gavin Weiser, TCH, was named an Editorial Review Board Member for The Qualitative Report.   

Teigha Van, ENG doctoral student, was awarded the highly competitive Cindy and Dickie Selfe Fellowship for Digital Media and Composition.

Edcel Cintron-Gonzalez, ENG, authored “Are These Picture Books for the Stressful Adult? After the Fall, Shadow, and All About Anxiety’s Invitation to Check Up on Children and Adult Mental Health” for Health Care Issues in Children’s Literature. 

Linsay DeMartino, EAF, published the chapter “Accents of positive school leadership: Applying community frameworks in educational spaces” in Positive Leadership for Flourishing Schools (Information Age Publishing). 

Tara Kaczorowski, SED, published “Teachers’ perceptions of preparedness to teach students with disabilities” in the Mid-Western Educational Researcher. Kaczorowski also co-authored “A Piece of the (Ed) Puzzle: Using the Edpuzzle Interactive Video Platform to Facilitate Explicit Instruction” for the Journal of Special Education Technology.  

Jonathan Mills, CHE, co-authored with graduate and undergraduate students David KuklaJuan Canchola, and Joseph Rosenthal, “Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of the Anaephene Antibiotics” for Chemical Biology and Drug Design

Sally Parry, ENG emeritus, was the editor of the Sinclair Lewis Society Newsletter. 29.1. 

Yayuan Ren, FIL, published a commentary about cyber liability insurance with AdvisorSmith.  

Ali Riaz, POL, was quoted in a report in the South China Morning Post on the Bangladesh-China relationship.  

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