A Redbird Legacy is an Illinois State University current student or an alumnus with a guardian, parent, grandparent, or sibling that attended or attends Illinois State.

When Stacy Ramsey ’92, M.S. ’94, was a student at Illinois State University, she majored in Sociology because she wanted to help people, and following graduation, she wouldn’t have to go very far to do just that. Stacy decided to make an impact at the place that had such a great impact on her, Illinois State, where she would work in the Office of Admissions, Office of the Provost, and serve on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

“Every experience that I’ve had here, as a resident assistant, a hall coordinator, a graduate assistant in housing, working in Admissions, has prepared for me something else new in my career,” said Stacy. “It’s helped elevate me to where I am a today, in Enrollment Management.” 

Stacy Ramsey ’92, M.S. ’94 (back), Redbird junior Abby Ramsey (front left), and Emily Ramsey ’20 (front right) together at an Illinois State event.

With Stacy’s connection to Illinois State, two of her sisters followed, Carey Baker ’02 and Kristy Finch ’02. Then, it was only a matter of time before two little Redbirds followed in her footsteps. When her two daughters, Emily Ramsey ’20 and junior Abby Ramsey, had to make the decision of where they wanted to attend college, there was only one option, their mother’s alma mater, workplace and home, Illinois State.

“It’s kind of like a tradition now, like how everybody has Christmas traditions. This is ours,” said Emily. “Why not keep it going?”

Usually, when the time comes for Redbirds to flee the nest, it leaves an empty home, but in Emily and Abby’s case, it has only brought their family closer together. With both girls getting student worker positions in the Office of Admissions, they had the rare opportunity to not only work together, but also be under the same roof as their mom.

Emily Ramsey ’20 (left) and Redbird junior Abby Ramsey working together as undergraduate students in admissions.

“At lunch time, they were able to come up to my office, and we could have lunch together, or we could walk over to the Bone and get a coffee,” said Stacy. “That made it even more special to have them not only here as students, but also here working on campus and having that time to connect with them.”

Working and studying at Illinois State has not only brought the Ramsey family closer to each other, but it has also brought them closer to their Redbird family, one they are happy to be a part of.

“I feel proud just to be a part of this community. Everyone here is super nice and so helpful all the time, and it just feels really good to be a part of that in any way,” said Abby.

While Stacy, Emily, and Abby are all different ages with different interests and hobbies, they can still come together and share one thing, being a Redbird.

Legacy Brunch 2021, October 3

Illinois State wants to recognize all legacy families for their continued generational support with a special brunch on Sunday, October 3. The brunch will spotlight Redbird families and help legacies stay connected to the University. The event will include brunch, a program featuring President Terri Goss Kinzy, and a legacy pinning ceremony exclusive for current families. Register for the event by September 28.