Hye Hyon Kim, ENG, presented “Asian Hate and Graphic City Structure of Terrorism” at Terrorism and the City from the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, and serves as panel chair for “Victorian Identities” for Victorian Pasts, Presents, and Futures at Carroll University. 

Beth White, TCH, was a co-presenter of “Community service to develop responsiveness among preservice teachers” for the Association of Teacher Educators Annual Conference. 

Jessie Krienert and Jeff Walsh, CJS, published the chapter “Innocence Lost: Educator Sexual Misconduct and the Epidemic of Sexually Victimized Students” in Invisible Victims and the Pursuit of Justice: Analyzing Frequently Victimized Yet Rarely Discussed Populations. They also published “Changes in the Tradecraft of Cheating: Technological Advances” in Academic Dishonesty, College Teaching

Sercan Şengün, WFSOA, co-authored chapters for the Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games (Springer) with creative technologies students. He penned Resident Evil 2, History of” with Sam Godby and “The Sims Franchise, a Retrospective of Racial Representation and Skin Tones” with Lauren Elizabeth Stipp. 

Roberta Seelinger Trites, Provost’s Office, co-authored “‘What’s the Point of Having a Voice If You’re Gonna Be Silent?’ Youth Activism in Young Adult Literature” for FRAME Journal of Literary Studies, and “‘I’d Become a Part of a System”: Examining Intersectional Environmentalism in Literature for Young Readers” for the Journal of Children’s Literature.   

Qi Zhang, IT, published “Medical Data and Mathematically Modeled Implicit Surface Real-Rime Visualization” in Web Browsers, International Journal of Image and Graphics. 

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