Stephen Mujeye, TEC, presented “A Survey on Multi-Factor Authentication Methods for Mobile Devices” at the 4th International Conference on Software Engineering and Information Management. 

Sercan Şengün, WKOA, joined co-authors to present new research with “Comparing Persona Analytics and Social Media Analytics for a User-Centric Task Using Eye-Tracking and Think-Aloud” at CHItaly 2021: Proceedings of the 14th Biannual Conference of the Italian SIGCHI Chapter in Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.   

Rajeev K. Goel, ECO, authored “IPR infringement in the United States: impacts on the input and output of R&D” for the Journal of Technology Transfer. He also co-authored “Do external quality certifications improve firms’ conduct? International evidence from manufacturing and service industries” for the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, and Presidential Versus Parliamentary Systems: Where Do Female Entrepreneurs Thrive?” for Social Science Quarterly

Marjorie A. Jones, Gregory M. Ferrence, and Michael I. Webb, CHE, joined undergraduate students B.J. Wall and M.F. Will, and graduate students G.K YawsonP.J. BothwellD.C. Platt, and C.F. Apuzzo in authoring “The Importance of Hydrogen Bonding: Structure-Activity Relationships of Ruthenium(III) Complexes for Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy with Pyridine-based Ligands” for the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 

Rachel Scott, MIL, published “From ‘Angelegenheit Großdeutschlands’ to ‘Österreichische Abende’: Programming the 1945 Salzburg Festival” in the Journal of Musicological Research

Anna Smith, THD, published the chapters “Conclusion: From mimeographs to new learning ecologies” and “Mobilities of youth print practices in cosmopolitan conversation video composition” in Critical Digital Literacies: Boundary-Crossing Practices (Brill). 

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