Antonio Causarano, Special Education, published “Teaching Literacy with Picture Books to Students with ASD” in CEC

Rajeev Goel, Katie Insurance School, co-authored “Does income inequality sand or grease the wheels of entrepreneurial activity? International evidence” for the Australian Economic Papers

Michelle Kibler, AGR, co-authored with “Course Related Student Anxiety During COVID-19: A Problem and Some Solutions” for Applied Economics Teaching Resources and “High accuracy of pregnancy detection using transabdominal ultrasound at day 31 of gestation in ewes” for Transactions

Timothy Lash and Gregory Ferrence, CHE, co-authored “Synthesis of Telluracarbaporphyrins and a Related Palladium(II) complex: Evidence for Hypervalent Interactions” with alum Deyaa AbuSalim, for Inorganic Chemistry.  

Melinda Snodgrass, Special Education, co-authored “Rigorous Assessment of Social Validity: A Scoping Review of a 40-Year Conversation” for Remedial and Special Education and “Graphing the intersection of rate and fidelity in single-case research” for Behavior Analysis in Practice.  

Maryna Teplova, ENG, presented the workshop “Creativity, Curiosity, and Composition” at the CCCC Virtual Convention 2021, and also presented “Linguistic aspects of character in Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” at the Purdue Linguistics Symposium 2021.   

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