Distinguished Professor Dr. Ali Riaz has been quoted in a news report in Turkish international media, TRT. The report highlights the impacts of the Afghanistan situation on the Islamist militant groups in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi government recently issued warnings that some Bangladeshis are traveling to Afghanistan to join the Taliban. Taliban established complete control over Afghanistan in the wake of U.S. withdrawal after 20 years of occupation. Bangladeshi militants have been expressing victorious reactions on social media since the Taliban victory. Riaz told the TRT that the euphoric reactions of a large number of Bangladeshis on the Taliban takeover of Kabul are not limited to the Islamist extremists as they see Taliban victory as the vindication of their ideology, but also of others who are delighted to see the defeat of the United States.

Riaz noted that “many while blaming the United States are unwittingly rationalizing the Taliban position. These reactions demonstrate the extent of the acceptability of radical ideology and violent extremism in the country. This is disconcerting.”

The Taliban ideology, he said, had attracted Bangladeshis for quite some time, and various violent extremist organizations have adopted their creed. It was noted on the report that Riaz had published a book in 2008 exploring the nature and scope of militancy in Bangladesh.

While Riaz underscored that, “The victory of Taliban is bound to energize those who are followers of their idea,” but he thinks that “it is unlikely that as of now many Bangladeshis will travel to join them in Afghanistan.”