Pre-Law Students Attend Law School Forum in Chicago

In late September, 33 pre-law students participated in a Law School Forum in Chicago, which gave Illinois State University students the opportunity to meet with law school admissions officers from 135 law schools from across the nation. Freshmen through seniors, representing a variety of majors, were part of the ISU delegation.

Pre-Law Students Attend Law School
Forum in Chicago

The executive board of the Pre-Law Club organized the trip in coordination with the Department of Politics & Government. The Department paid for the students’ round trip train fare.

Pre-Law Club President Tierra Shickel was the chief architect of the project. She was assisted by four other board members: Riley Amdor, Olivia Evans, Monica Trevino, and Maddy Inman. Pre-Law Advisor Professor Tom McClure accompanied the group on the outing.

Pre-Law Students Attend Law School Forum in Chicago

“Attending this forum gave us the opportunity to talk to schools we never knew existed, get answers to questions we didn’t realize we had, and discuss amongst ourselves what we as a club can do to better aid students aspiring to attend law school,” Shickel said. “Not only did this forum provide resources to help students make informed decisions about their futures, but it also inspired them to confidently put themselves out there so they could identify the type of legal education that fits them as students and who they want to become as professionals.”

Pre-Law Students Attend Law School Forum in Chicago

This venture is believed to be the first time the club facilitated the opportunity for Illinois State University students to visit the Law School Forum. The event was hosted by the Law School Admissions Council, the entity that administers the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Students interested in joining the Pre-Law Club may apply for membership by logging on to MyIllinoisState and submitting an application on the Student Life webpage.