Illinois State’s student newspaper has been housed in multiple locations since its start in 1888.

It is presumed that the earliest Vidette offices were within Old Main. Historians’ records show the newspaper staff worked from the Old Union on the Quad from 1956 to 1969, at which time a move was made to Central School. Once part of Unit 5 public schools, the building at the corner of College Avenue and School Street was acquired by the University. The land now has a basketball court and is parking space adjacent to Hewett-Manchester halls.

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In 1970, the Vidette took over Edwards Hall Annex adjacent to Schroeder Hall. The building, above left, had been a military surplus warehouse from WWII that once housed heavy machinery. The current facility, above right, was constructed at the corner of Locust and University streets and has been the newspaper’s home since 1994.