Eddie Becker, information systems–system analytics student; Mathew Weiner ’20, computer science graduate; Erik Wenth, a cybersecurity student; Zach Oettle, a networking and telecommunications management student; and Ryan Skare, an information systems student with a focus on web application development were teamed up randomly in IT 391 last summer and completed a successful project for a local business—The Recipe Girls.

Working remotely for the entirety of the project during the pandemic was a challenge for them, but they completed it perfectly, with excellent feedback from the customer.

The team shared that meetings were scheduled many times a week to catch up with the customer, project sponsors, and the other team members, as well. Good communication was the reason this team was successful with this project, despite being from different backgrounds and randomly grouped by the course professor.

They always surprised their professor by completing milestones before the due date, and they collaborated smoothly as a team. Becker managed the first half of the project, then handed it over to Oettle for the second half. Oettle shared ”I don’t think there is any part of the website that doesn’t have input from the whole group. We were all very communicative and could agree very quickly.”

Weiner said, “Whenever anyone has a problem with the website, the others are always there to help.” Everybody in the team really took ownership of a certain aspect of the whole project. Weiner dove into the menu, Becker played a role in educating and communicating with the client, Wenth confirmed all data and information from the client, and Skare was able to provide his actual experience with web design. They all stayed focused in every single meeting.

Becker mentioned some keys to their success: “Don’t fall behind! We managed to stay ahead of every milestone that we set because the constant communication we had as a team was so critical.”

Oettle mentioned said “We rotated in terms of meeting management, which also helped our organization and communication.”

These students all want to find a job after graduation, and this successful project demonstrates what they are capable of.