Editor’s note: This post is part of a series for 2021 Open Access week. For more information on Milner Library’s Open Access Week activities, visit news.illinoisstate.edu/2021/09/milner-library-recognizes-open-access-week-october-25-31.

Milner Library is your hub for all repository questions whether they be about open textbooks, affordable resources for research and projects, or assistance making your own work more accessible. Milner’s Scholarly Communication Team works hard to reduce the costs of academic materials for users as well as provide freely accessible information to all.

ISU ReD, Illinois State University’s institutional repository, continues to be used by faculty, staff, and students—even ISU’s new president. More than 10,000 items have been added to ISU ReD with more than 1 million downloads. Recently, President Kinzy’s work was uploaded to ISU ReD making it easier for the University community and beyond to find her important work and get to know her as a researcher.

A map of the world showing numbers in different areas that represent that region's ISU institutional repository download numbers. For exact numbers for a specific region contact Anne Shelley at aeshelley@ilstu.edu
An ISU ReD reader distribution map showing the number of downloads in various regions around the world.

Another way Milner Library is working on affordability and access is waivers on author processing charges for authors publishing in open access titles. In February 2021, Illinois State signed its first read and publish agreement with Cambridge University Press “allow(ing) research published by Illinois State University corresponding authors to be made open access in Cambridge’s open access and hybrid journals, without having to pay an article processing charge (APC).” Another deal with IGI allows Milner to purchase more of IGI’s e-book titles that are specifically relevant to Illinois State courses at a significantly cheaper price. As part of that deal, the University negotiated another three waivers for processing charges of published works in IGI titles.

Milner continues to add new journals to ISU ReD for open access research. Journals currently hosted on ISU ReD include Journal of STEM Education, Spora: A Journal of Biomathematics, and Teaching and Learning in Communication Sciences & Disorders. Keep an eye for others to be added soon, such as the International Journal of Business Education, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that is put out by the International Society of Business Education (IJBE). IJBE has been published for years, but will soon move over to ISU ReD.

Each semester, Milner Library partners with the Center for Teaching and Learning to facilitate workshops to help Illinois State faculty incorporate open access resources into their course work. Open Access workshops this week include a workshop on incorporating affordable and open access resources in the classroom led by Heather Koopmans, fine arts librarian, and Lindsey Skaggs, instructional design librarian. On Friday, Rebecca Fitzsimmons, special collections librarian, and Anne Shelley, scholarly communication librarian, will facilitate a workshop on text analysis. Learn more about Open Access Week 2021 activities. Follow Milner Library on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with the latest workshop offerings and open access news.

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