Tyler Bloomfield studies music education and music composition at Illinois State University. Bloomfield’s passion for music is evident through the time he took to study composition strategies and write music before beginning coursework for his major.

“Fall 2020 was my first semester taking composition classes and sharing my music with my professors and music major colleagues, so I wanted to make sure I was on the top of my game,” Bloomfield said.

He was honored to receive the Professor Russell B. Bedford Scholarship in Music to support the pursuit of his passion. Established in 2017 by Russell and Janet Bedford, the scholarship is awarded to a bassoon or oboe student who is a music major.

“Without the financial stress, I have been able to focus a lot more on school instead of working extensively on campus,” said Bloomfield, who was overjoyed to be a recipient. “I enjoy writing music, especially wind ensemble music, and am looking forward to continuing my studies to develop my knowledge in this art.”

Bloomfield plans to pursue a master’s degree in composition and, potentially, a doctorate in composition. He hopes to one day teach theory and composition at the collegiate level.