This semester, Mennonite College of Nursing launched a brand new podcast, MCN On Air. Each episode, which runs about 20 minutes long, highlights an aspect of the nursing program at ISU that many people might not think about, such as: What it is like to be a non-traditional student, like Tawnya Isaacson whose life experiences led her to pursue her passion later in life? Or what it is like to study abroad, like Ashley Belsan did for a semester in Spain?

“The students, faculty, and alumni at MCN are amazing people with amazing stories to tell,” says Noah Schlosser, MCN’s graduate assistant and the producer of MCN On Air. “I wanted to capture that and put it in a modern format for people to both enjoy and learn from. It’s been awe-inspiring to put this project together and know I’m doing my small part to share the spirit of MCN with the world.”

“Finding interesting and engaging people to interview at MCN has been easy because they are everywhere here,” Schlosser adds.

Six episodes have been posted so far, with more to come next semester. Find episodes wherever you get your favorite podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and others.