It is time for employees to review their current Form W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Certificate) status for preferred changes in filing status and/or withholding needed for tax year 2022.

Ensure you are on the Illinois State University network.  You will need to use VPN if you are off campus—call the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357 for assistance setting up your VPN.

  • To Review your current withholdings:
    • Select Tax Forms
    • Review the Tax Withholding: Fed W4, State section for the Federal and State Form Type

Did You Claim Tax Exempt Status in 2021?

All employees who claimed total exemption from income tax withholding in 2021 must submit a new 2022 Form W-4 by February 15, 2022 to continue to claim exemption from withholding in the new year. After that date, Illinois State must begin withholding income tax if the 2022 Form W-4 is not submitted.

W-4 Requirements for Non-U.S. Citizen Employees 

Non-U.S. Citizen Employees must not fill out a new W-4 or make changes to an existing W-4 without guidance from a tax specialist in the University Payroll Office. If applicable, treaty benefits need to be renewed each calendar year. Please schedule an appointment through Calendly (in-person or virtual) to meet with a tax specialist.

A university tax specialist may be emailed at:

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