Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN) at Illinois State University recently honored December graduates and three award winners at an event held at the Alumni Center.

At the event, Dean Judy Neubrander acknowledged the seven students graduating with their Master of Science in Nursing, four receiving a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and one student graduating with their Doctor of Philosophy degree. Neubrander also presented the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Dissertation Award to Dr. Sandy Nielsen, who completed her Ph.D. in 2021, and the Doctor of Nursing Practice Excellence Award to Dr. Connie Canton and Dr. Nicole Gorecki.

“The importance of celebrating the accomplishments of our students, faculty, alumni, and others in the health care field cannot be overstated,” said Neubrander. “It is my pleasure and privilege to congratulate our graduates and award winners.”

Neubrander closed the evening by recognizing the upcoming retirement of Dr. Cindy Kerber, who has been with MCN since 1983, and the departure of Director of Student Success Becky LaMont. “We thank them for their substantial contributions to the college and wish them the very best in their future endeavors,” said Neubrander.