Undergraduate student Ethan Oliver with Christopher Weitzel, CHE, won the ECI-ACS Younger Chemists Committee Outstanding Presentation for “Then and Now: Adaptation of Sulfolobus islandicus LeuRSI for an alternative function” at the sixth annual ECI-ACS Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. 

Amy Bardwell and Julie Raeder Schumacher, FCS, and Kerri Calvert, Health Promotion and Wellness, published with graduate student Zakary Kaesberg “Effects of video technology on cooking self-efficacy of college students” for the Journal of American College Health. 

Gabriel Gudding, ENG, published “Ace and Aro Lesbian Aesthetics with Agnes Martin and Yayoi Kusama” for a special issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies on “Is lesbian identity obsolete?” He also contributed “Rainbow Mary and the Perceived Threat of LGBTQ+ Bodies in Poland” in the special issue of Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media titled “Digital Selves: Embodiment and Co-Presence in New Media Cultures in Central Europe and Eurasia.”    

Susan Sprecher, SOC, published “Is chatting with a sophisticated chatbot as good as chatting online or FTF with a stranger?” in Computers in Human Behavior

Undergraduate students Trang Nyugen and Amy LeTrang with Christopher Weitzel, CHE, presented “Development of an in vivo competition assay between wild type Sulfolobus islandicus and a leuRS-I knockout strain” at the NexSTEM Fall Research Symposium at Heartland Community College. 

Erika Sparby, ENG, presented “Memetic critical power tools: Teaching an ethic of privacy and identity for memes in the technical communication classroom” at the Association for the Teachers of Technical Writing Conference. 

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