November 2021

New Employees:

  • Alexis Adams, Marketing Associate, Graduate school
  • Araceli Armenta, Bldg Serv Worker Intern, Janitorial
  • Molly Buse, Human Resource Associate, Human Resources
  • Julie Cooper, Office Administrator, English
  • Angela Davis, Office Manager, Psychology
  • Julia Frye, Office Support Associate, Marketing
  • Eddie Galvan, Building Service Worker, Janitorial
  • Chris Harness, Equipment Attendant, Sch Kinesiology & Recreation
  • Lyndsay Jones, Media Write Produce Announc II, Radio Station WGLT
  • Meghan Lugo, Human Resource Asst, Human Resources
  • Brandi McGee, Bldg Serv Worker Intern, Janitorial
  • Angelica Pinkham, Office Support Specialist, Health Sciences
  • Andy Reilly, Program Coordinator, Area/Fld Hse Facilities
  • Amy Scovel, Office Support Specialist, Research & Sponsored Programs
  • Nsimba Victor, Bldg Serv Worker Intern, Janitorial
  • Felicia Young, Labor Relations Spec, Human Resources


  • Jasmine Buckner, Office Manager, Dean of Applied Sci & Tech
  • Michael Castillo, Admissions and Records Officer, Registrar
  • Lisa Conrad, Culinary Worker IV, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
  • Rebecca Gossard, Program Assistant, Parking and Transportation
  • Jennifer Han, Office Administrator, Politics and Government
  • Libby Harness, Administrative Aide, English
  • Doug Knollenberg, Bakery Assistant, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
  • Nicholas Lisowski, Program Assistant, Thomas Metcalf School
  • Rebecca Nuesken, Business Administrative Assoc, Thomas Metcalf School
  • Zach Parcell, IT Manager Admin Coord, Web Interactive Communications
  • Cassie Peterson, Events Administrator Associate, Arena/Fld Hse Facilities
  • Matt Rutherford, IT Tech Assoc, Stdt Affairs Information Techn
  • Amy Tellor, Administrative Aid, Teaching and Learning
  • Shan Xie, Accountant II, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality


  • Amber Bostwick, Program Coordinator, Teaching and Learning
  • Courtney Bray, Building Service Worker, Janitorial
  • Larry Brown, Program Coordinator, Student Access and Accom Srvs
  • Kathi Cannon, Procurement Officer Assistant, Comptroller’s Office
  • Mike Davis, Culinary Worker II, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
  • Lisa Demilio, Program Stdt Advisor, International Studies
  • Kami Grant, Human Resource Associate, Human Resources
  • Akilah Jones, Student Conduct Advisor, Dean of Students Office
  • Rachel Lyle, Office Support Specialist, Dean of Students Office
  • Amanda Nord, Office Support Specialist, Marketing
  • Tyler Thompson, Construction Project Coord II, Facilities Planning
  • Natisha Tipler, Building Service Worker, Janitorial
  • Thierry Tshialu Lusamba, Food Serv Sanitation laborer, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
  • Jenna Weddle, Office Support Specialist, Psychology


  • Cindy Baker, Office Administrator, Accounting