The Illinois State University Alumni Association is a volunteer, nonprofit organization that serves alumni, the University, and students. The Alumni Association board of directors are the ambassadors, advocates, and advisors, serving to strengthen the University’s traditions, its future growth, and its networks of influence.

The board is comprised of 26 volunteer leaders representing a diverse blend of professions, ages, ethnic heritages, academic areas of study, and geographic locations. As seats become available, the board looks for interested and qualified Redbirds to fill the role of director to serve the Alumni Association and represent the University.

Board members are elected during the annual meeting held during the fourth quarter of the year. Terms are three years with the option to be elected for up to four consecutive terms.

The full board meets four times a year. Outside of these meetings, directors serve on committees, participate at University events, receive special University news and opportunities, promote school spirit, advocate for Illinois State, and work with their respected colleges to recruit and retain students. Directors must also be active alumni (an alumnus who has made a gift during the current or preceding fiscal year to the University Foundation).

To be considered as a candidate for this year’s election, an application must be submitted by February 22, 2022. Questions can be directed to Kris Harding, M.S. ’94, executive director of Alumni Engagement

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