Congratulations to two of the Center for the Study of Education Policy’s LEAD Ed Partners, Regional Office of Education #17 and Regional Office of Education #19, who in collaboration with ROE partners #1, 21, 28, and 50, have received Education, Innovation and Research (EIR) grants from the U.S. Department of Education.

The Regional Office of Education #17 has received a five-year, $4 million Early-Phase EIR grant.

The award provides funding to the Learning While Leading (LWL) project, which aims to increase principal effectiveness by supporting aspiring and novice school leaders with evidence-based professional learning activities. The new grant will support 40 schools and provide funding for researchers at WestEd to rigorously evaluate the project in order to provide insight into effective solutions to persistent educational challenges and to support the expansion of effective solutions that can serve substantially larger numbers of students.

The DuPage Regional Office of Education (#19) has received a five-year, $8 million Mid-Phase EIR grant.

The funds will be used to replicate the successful Partners To Lead (PTL) project, which is an evidence-based, innovative program focused on building the capacity of school leaders to engage teachers in efforts to improve teaching and learning. The new grant will offer support to more than one hundred schools and provide funding to researchers at the American Institutes for Research to rigorously evaluate the project, providing additional insight into effective solutions for persistent educational challenges.