Having just completed a summer internship, one student was inspired to get her career going and to start making connections in her field. However, she felt a little intimidated about meeting experienced professionals outside the workplace or at school.

“My career advisor has been a great support. But I just want to connect with someone who is already doing what I want to do, someone to serve as a mentor,” she thought.

This student is not alone. In fact, most students feel a little uneasy when starting their careers as a student. To assist students, Career Services is introducing the Alumni Mentor Network.

“Students have always asked for ways to connect directly with alumni. The Alumni Mentor Network is the perfect way for redbirds to help redbirds,” states Career Services Associate Director Natalie R. Alexander, who established the network at Illinois State.

The Alumni Mentor Network is a tool that allows students to self-select an alum to serve as their mentor. “Students choose for themselves from the list of alumni who volunteer based on their preference and career goals,” states Alexander. “In this way they learn from the professional expertise of the alum; while the alum has an opportunity to make an impact on the career of a future professional.” 

Using the Alumni Mentor Network is easy. Located within Hire-A-Redbird, students simply click on the “Resources,” then “Pathway,” and complete the step-by-step instructions. Once finished with the steps, students work with the mentor to coordinate their connection.

“Alumni mentors can help students with how to interview, develop successful networking techniques, and share career specific tips and tricks,” continues Alexander. “It’s the perfect tool to connect students with alumni and tap into their career experience.”

For more information on the Alumni Mentor Network, contact your career advisor at (309) 438-2200.