Illinois State University students have access to expanded therapy options with WellConnect telehealth, available during the Spring 2022 semester.

“WellConnect provides students 24/7 access to solution-based therapy,” said Interim Director of Student Counseling Services (SCS) Carrie Haubner. “WellConnect counselors can work with students to create strategies and coping mechanisms to face a variety of life situations.”  

SCS counselors began referring patients to WellConnect in fall of 2021. “When the pandemic hit, we were in the process of exploring teletherapy options that would allow flexibility for students who were out of state, meet demand for services, and in specific response to student requests for access to counselors who matched their identities,” said Haubner. “The uncertainty that surrounds the pandemic heightens anxiety and the demand for more access to therapy.”  

Dr. Haubner noted SCS chose WellConnect for expertise in areas such as processing emotions after an incident, grief or loss, challenges in relationships, difficulty with change, improving study habits, and text anxiety. “This service is for helping people find a path to move forward by finding solutions to very focal concerns,” said Haubner, adding students who are surviving pervasive and extensive mental health issues should continue to work with counselors at SCS.  

Students have access to five individual therapy sessions a year through WellConnect. Telehealth options include sessions via text, video, or telephone. In-person sessions are also available. Directions to access the service are available on the SCS WellConnect website

If the program proves successful in the spring, SCS will explore further telehealth services. “We want to make sure we have the right fit for Illinois State students,” said Haubner.   

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