December 2021

New Employees:

Bernadette Cash, Program Assistant, Milner Library

Anderson Ferraz, IT Tech Assoc, Web Interactive Communications

Andre Ferraz Rodrigue, IT Tech Assoc, Web Interactive Communications

Chris Gebeke, Procurement Officer Assistant, Comptroller’s Office

Chris McDaniels, Supvr of Res Hall Attdts, University Housing Services

Angie Meiners, Office Support Specialist, Politics and Government

Zach Miner, Office Support Specialist, Dean of Education

Catrina Murphy, Grants and Contracts Assoc, Research & Sponsored Programs

Jessica Murphy, Business Manager, TechZone Student Technologies

Raj Subbiah, IT Tech Assoc, Application Services

Thomas Sussman, Business Administrative Assoc, Comptroller’s Office

Richie Weber, Business Administrative Assoc, Arena/Fld Hse Facilities


Renee Carrigan, Program Stdt Advisor, Career Services

Danielle Duvick, Marketing Associate, TechZone Student Technologies

Jodi Ellsworth, Office Manager, VP University Advancement

Ursula Ganci, Food Service Chef, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Dani Meier, Office Administrator, Mgmt & Quantitative Methods

Justin Miller, Facility Operations Specialist, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Jackie Stanfield, Account Technician III, Superintendence

Zach Weber, IT Tech Assoc, Stdt Affairs Information Techn


Kaiser Ahmed, IT Tech Assoc, Web Interactive Communications

Madison Brown, Campus Recreation Coordinator, Campus Recreation

Steven Brown, Building Service Worker, Janitorial

Yola Magallanes, Building Service Worker, Janitorial

Dylan McKitterick, Marketing Associate, Intercollegiate Athletics

Poshlyn Nicholson, Program Stdt Advisor, University College

Lindsey Schmedt, Immigration Specialist, International Pathways

Lauren Trisler, Business Administrative Associate, Intercollegiate Athletics

Ben Wyman, IT Tech Assoc, Infrastructure Op & Networking