Intan Suwandi, SOC, co-published “Imperialist appropriation in the world economy: Drain from the global South through unequal exchange, 1990–2015” in Global Environmental Change

Craig McLauchlan, CHE, co-published “Polyoxidovanadates interactions with proteins: an overview” in the Coordination Chemistry Reviews. 

Christopher Weitzel, Marjorie Jones, Gregory Ferrence, Christopher Hamaker, and Michael Webb, CHE, co-published “A Dual-Pronged Approach: A Ruthenium (III) Complex That Modulates Amyloid-β Aggregation and Disrupts Its Formed Aggregates” in Inorganic Chemistry with graduate and undergraduate students Gideon Yawson, Samantha Huffman, Evan Strandquist, Mark Will, Paige Bothwell, Ethan Oliver, David Platt, and Fiore Apuzzo. 

Cristina Song, FCS, published “Learning Through Career-Focused Experiential Education in Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising Classroom” in the International Textile Apparel Association Teaching Collection. Song also co-authored “Thermoplastics and Photopolymer Desktop 3D Printing System Selection Criteria Based on Technical Specifications and Performances for Instructional Applications” in Technologies. 

Criminal justice Sciences faculty presented at the American Society of Criminology annual meeting, including Dawn Beichner with “Providing and Coordinating Sexual Assault Services in the Pandemic;” Charles Bell with “How School Punishment Influences Students’ Social Status and Victimization and Educator Targeted Violence: What are the consequences of being threatened or attacked by students;” Mijin Kim with “An Analysis of Precipitating Factors Associated with Prison Riots;” and Phil Mulvey with “’Shape up or Ship Out’: Exploring Life-Course Trajectories for Veteran Deviance Before and After Military Involvement.” 

Kerri Calvert, Misia Grzybowski, and Nikki Brauer, Health and Wellness, successfully completed a training with Real Balance to become certified as Health and Wellness Coaches. This training also qualified them to take an exam to achieve the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching certification.