January 2022

New Employees:

Blair Abraham, Business Administrative Assoc, Office of Technology Solutions

Brigid Aslin, Program Coordinator, Dean of Students Office

Karrie Barrick, Licensed Practical Nurse II, Health Services

Nono Digema, Food Serv Sanitation Laborer, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Ronald Givens, Supvr of Res Hall Attdts, University Housing Services

Mary Gordon, Office Support Specialist, University High School

Emma Guevara, Program Stdt Advisor, International Studies

Jordan Harrison, IT Support Assoc, Lab Schools Superintendent

Kate Heyl, Ticket Sales Spec, Intercollegiate Athletics

Jody Holtz, Media Write Produce Announc I, Radio Station WGLT

Taylor Hornsby, Office Support Specialist, University Housing Services

Allie Hunt, Cinemotgrphr/Creative Vid Prd, Intercollegiate Athletics

John Krevel, Program Stdt Advisor, International Studies

Kim Mast, Program Coordinator, Clinical Exp in Teacher Educ

Marcia Maxson, Procurement Officer Assistant, Comptroller’s Office

Sean Murphy, Storekeeper I, Building Maintenance

Quinton Nelson, Asst Equal Opportunity ofc, Office of Equal Opp & Access

Adolfo Nteke, Bldg Serv Worker Intern, Janitorial

Meghan Ortiz, Procurement Officer Assistant, Comptroller’s Office

Stephanie Rodgers, Medical Office Associate, Health Services

Kenya Sylvester, Police Telecommunicator, University Police Department

Nicole Young, Senior Events Coordinator, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality


Rachel Adams, Program Coordinator, Career Services

Eric Ballard, Events Administrator Associate, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Michael Boehm, Program Coordinator, Marketing

Tashaunna Divers, Food Service Administrator II, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Jeff Grabb, IT Manager Admin Coord, Learning Spaces & AV Tech

Ben Hendrix, IT Support Assoc, Stdt Affairs Information Techn

Kurt LaShure, Accountant I, Comptroller’s Office

Sarah Metivier, Program Coordinator, Student Access and Accom Srvs

Julie Neville, Senior Library Specialist, Milner Library

Barbra Oldenburg, Administrative Aide, Mennonite College of Nursing

Tony Reis, Program Coordinator, VP Student Affairs

Jennifer Rexroat, Client Relations Repr III, Financial Aid Office

Elena Roth, Marketing Associate, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Robyn Schuline, Business Administrative Assoc, dean of Arts and Sciences

Kera Storrs, Program Assistant, International Pathways

Kabwika Tshabu, Culinary Worker III, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Aubrey Wagoner, Program Director, International Pathways

Marlon Webb, Admissions and Records Repr, Registrar

Tracie Zagaroli Business Manager, Office of Technology Solutions


Daniel Bustle, IT Support Assoc, Client Services

Ingrid Johnson, Office Support Specialist, Environmental Health & Safety

Richard Kitchens, Building Service Worker, Janitorial

Victor Levandoski, Culinary Worker III, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Mark McClain, Maintenance Repair Foreperson, Building Maintenance

Carol Pfoff, Administrative Assistant, Educational Admin & Foundations

Steve Pydynowski, Asst Supt of Building Maintenance, Bldg Main Bond Rev

Carla Thomas, Senior Events Coordinator, Admissions