Amanda Krueger graduated from the Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN) in 2008 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Read more about Krueger’s journey to become a nurse and how she is making an impact, below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a mother, wife, and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CNRA) who has always had a passion for teaching, the nursing profession, and helping others see their potential. I actually met my husband my first day on ISU’s campus where I was a cheerleader. I used to do travel nursing and went to CRNA school in the New England area and have now settled in suburbia. I also did a mission trip to Kenya, Africa, as an anesthesia student.

What led you to a career in nursing?

From the age of 3, I just knew it was what I wanted to be. I was always playing “nurse” in my parents’ basement and taking care of patients, ha ha. I actually was adopted. I couldn’t come home initially but my birth mother had left the hospital, so the nurses took care of me for that week and even gave me a name. … Sometimes, I wonder if the seed was planted from birth.

What is your job like currently?

Right now, I do 24-hour shifts at two different hospitals and practice at the top of my license. I provide anesthesia for urology, general surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, and more! I also do obstetrics and place epidurals, do spinals for C-sections, and so on. I’m also the backup for intubations in the ER and for codes and place arterial and central lines in the ICU if needed.

What was your experience like at MCN?

I loved it there. I not only made lifelong friendships but connected with faculty and learned the art and science of nursing. The clinical sites were great, and I truly felt that MCN laid an incredible foundation for me that I built my career upon. I remember a lot of laughing, tears, support, and fun. I always recommend it. And as a side note, I am actually precepting a student nurse anesthetist who graduated from MCN, Eduardo Ornelas. 

What is rewarding about your job? What are the challenges?

The challenges are the politics in the surgery world, and you must be a very strong communicator, have thick skin, and be confident in your knowledge. But I love easing patients’ anxiety and pain and getting them safely through their procedure. And of course, it’s amazing seeing babies born. I also love teaching Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists (SNRAs) and nurses. I do love the hands-on skills.

In addition to being a nurse, you also have a mentorship business. Tell us about that.

I had always wanted to help nurses reach their dreams so my best friend was like, ‘Why don’t you start mentoring?’ So I started my mentoring business where I meet with aspiring CRNAs for 30–60 minutes at a time to strategize their school plan, do mock interviews, and study with those currently in school.

From there I saw what they needed so I packaged up all the info and put it into a program called “The Roadmap to CRNA.” I created an interview bundle to prepare them for interviews and an anesthesia drug guide to help them understand all the pertinent anesthesia drugs.

Most recently I have opened an SRNA Membership for those in school where I share all my notes and tips and do mindset coaching so they don’t have to struggle so hard during school like I did and like so many others did. 

What advice would you give future and/or current nurses?

Keep showing up. Be all in. Everything hard is completely worth it. You do make an impact and make a difference even on the hardest shifts. And above else, take care of yourself. You can’t show up and be your best for your patients if you don’t show up for you first.

You can find Amanda Krueger on Instagram and learn more about her work.