Several School of Communication faculty and staff earned important awards for their work in teaching and in research over the past year. They include Dr. Lindsey Thomas, Dr. Aimee Miller-Ott, Dr. John McHale, Dr. Joe Zompetti, Elizabeth Chupp, and Erianne Thedorf. 

Dr. Lindsey Thomas received the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) award for Outstanding Pre-tenure Researcher. This award, according to the college’s webpage, “is among the highest honors bestowed upon a faculty member by the College. It is an award that recognizes the scholarly and creative accomplishments of individual faculty in the College for a single calendar year.” This award recognizes faculty who have not yet reached tenure status and have made outstanding scholarly achievements in scholarship. 

Dr. Lindsey Thomas

Dr. Aimee Miller-Ott was recognized with the College of Arts and Science’s award for Outstanding Tenured Researcher. This award recognizes tenured faculty whose research is considered among their peers as outstanding in the College. Because CAS is the largest college in ISU, one award is presented in each of three divisions: sciences and mathematics; social sciences; and humanities. Dr. Miller-Ott’s award was in the humanities division, where COM is included. 

Dr. Aimee Miller-Ott

Dr. John McHale is no stranger to receiving awards for his creative work and received the 2022 BEA Award of Excellence for Feature-length Film Script for “Again.” According to the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) website, it is “the premiere international academic media organization driving insights, excellence in media production and career advancement for educators, students and professionals.” 

Dr. John McHale

Dr. Joe Zompetti earned the Center for Civic Engagement Fellowship in Civic & Digital Literacy. This fellowship was awarded for this academic year and is designed to increase civic competence and explore the concept of “truth decay” for students. The objective, then, is “to enhance students’ civic competence by improving their critical thinking, digital literacy, and civic inquiry skills.” Dr. Zompetti’s work has focused on researching the subject, designing courses and course content, and supporting faculty and staff who wish to address the matters under this fellowship in their own courses and programs.  

Dr. Joe Zompetti

Elizabeth Chupp earned ISU’s Claire and Tom Lamonica Award for Outstanding University Teaching by Administrative Personnel or Civil Service Staff. This award was created by Claire and Tom Lamonica to recognize staff that are teaching in a way that exhibits tenacious and focused excellence.

Elizabeth Chupp

Erianne Thedorf was recognized with ISU’s award for Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher, Masters Level I (having sole responsibility for course instruction). This award recognizes graduate teaching assistants who, during their educational experience at ISU, demonstrate “persistent, focused, and purposeful dedication to striving for excellence.”

Erianne Thedorf