Distinguished Professor Dr. Ali Riaz, of the Department of Politics and Government, has been quoted in a report of the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle on the media coverage of the Ukraine crisis in Bangladeshi media. 

In reaction to a letter by the Russian ambassador to Bangladesh, who alleged that Bangladeshi media is providing bias coverage of the crisis, Riaz said that the letter’s claim is dubious. Riaz said wholesale comment about media is wrong. “Had the ambassador been referring to a particular report and provided information, it would have been a professional reaction,” Riaz said. “Bangladeshi media are providing critical analyses of the situation along with information provided by Western news sources.”

In an open letter, the Russian Embassy in Dhaka has accused newspapers and broadcasters of “undermining” relations between Russia and Bangladesh. “Notwithstanding the general observation that media everywhere tend to have a proclivity towards agenda setting, various Bangladeshi media have published analyses from international media that have explored Russian arguments for the invasion,” Riaz added.